Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Simple is Best

Ore was crazy again today so off I go on alternate routes once again.  Today I opted for a slightly different route and logged on my mage for a couple of hours and just did ports. I did these about 1 hour before raid time, to be optimal. In one hour I sold 11 ports and took in about 320g. At almost no expense this to me - nice change in my pocket.

I also decided it was a good time to process some Savage Leather Scraps. I have little formula on my 'daily calc's spreadsheet" where I can just enter todays price of scraps and see if it is worth it to buy them and convert them to Heavy Savage Leather. Prices on my server today are listed below:

Then I take that one step further and see if it is profitable to then convert them to pristine hides. Using the following spreadsheet breakdown:

The answer in both cases as you can see in the area's marked in Green is yes, it is profitable today to process leather from scraps all the way up to Pristine Hides. Is it a ton of money no? But it is something to look at each day :)  Due to the lower profit on pristine hides I stuck it out today with Heavy Leather with a profit of 78g per stack with really no effort on my part, I'll take that :) I put up 20 stacks and they sold rather quickly netting me a quick 1600G.

For the Geeks:  The formula for the spreadsheet is:
  • Scraps X 25 = Heavy Sell Price.  
  • Heavy Leather * 10 = Pristine Hide Price
Long story short, no ore to be found but I netted myself about 2000g in one hour and a bit. Not a bad bonus on top of my regular auctions and flips :)


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