Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chaos Orbs Tradeable and New Pets for Chanters?

Well, MMO posted a very eye opening Q&A with Wow Dev's See below!

Are there any plans to make Chaos Orbs BoA or even BoE? - Mommycow (NA/ANZ)

Yes! They will be unbound in a future patch. 

Need I say more? If you are a crafter or a true Auction House junkie and don't do runs, so you have not bought recipes due to the need for orbs, make sure it is now in your plans. If you have high return orb recipes, make sure you have plans of stocking mats to churn these out once this happens.

On the flip side if you currently have a stockpile of Chaos Orbs because you don't craft frequently, you have a couple of options, make sure you use them up before the value inevitably drops once they become BoE items or keep stockpiling they will definitely be selling at a decent 500-1000g each once this patch drops at least for a couple of weeks.

Either way BoE orbs are a potential goldmine once this happens :) Start getting creative with what you want to do with them.

This caught my eye as well.

Will enchanters ever get the option to create wands again (maybe other caster items as well using a blank template weapon that could be made by blacksmiths), as they tend to be extremely rare outside of the a couple locations and the new ZA/ZG loot tables? - Flayre (NA/ANZ) [/i]

In general, we want to add more fun themed recipes to enchanting like the magic lanterns. Concerning wands, we've been discussing several options, and most everything we could do with them is still on the table

Ahhh pet's so much fun and so much money! I hope its a pet, I hope its a pet! Keeping in mind they do not say it is a pet but... maybe :) 


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